Quickly Develop Dynamic Web 2.0 Applications with Packt’s Latest PHP and MongoDB Web Development Beginner’s Guide

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Birmingham, UK (PRWEB) December 15, 2011

Packt not long ago announced the release of a new book on MongoDB: PHP and MongoDB Web Advancement Beginner's Guide. Written by Rubayeet Islam, the book will take a ?code initial, explain later? approach to construct dynamic web two. applications, thereby imparting to its readers practical examples in PHP to demonstrate special features of MongoDB. End users understand how to retailer actual-time website analytics, create area-mindful net apps, deal with consumer sessions, and a lot far more utilizing MongoDB and PHP.

MongoDB (from ?humongous?) is a scalable, substantial-overall performance, open source, document oriented database. Written in C++, MongoDB attributes document-oriented storage, total index help, replication &amp large availability, auto-sharding, querying, quick in-spot updates, map/decrease, GridFS, and commercial support.

PHP and MongoDB Net Improvement Beginner's Manual aims to give its readers a practical grasp on concepts associated to net application improvement using PHP and MongoDB. Following an introduction to the underlying concepts of MongoDB, each chapter brings with it many practical examples to teach distinct attributes of the database and solve crucial issues like true-time analytics, area-conscious net apps etc. Readers are guided to use MongoDB alongside MySQL to develop a diverse data back-finish.

With the aid of the this book, readers can discover to construct a PHP-powered site with MongoDB as the data storage, handle HTTP sessions with MongoDB, store site analytics information in true time and approach large datasets with MapReduce. The book goes on to display the use MongoDB to supplement user's current relational database, and optimization of MongoDB for overall performance and security.

To study this book, readers require to be skilled in internet application advancement utilizing PHP, HTML, and CSS. An further knowledge of relational database technique this kind of as MySQL, would show helpful in grasping concepts rapidly. No prior expertise of MongoDB is necessary.

For comprehensive data about the book, please go to: http://link.packtpub.com/lXbV41

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