Adverse Reaction To ReNew Life Herbal Cleanse, Angular Chelitis, or HSV?

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Question by The Professa: Adverse Reaction To ReNew Life Herbal Cleanse, Angular Chelitis, or HSV? A couple of weeks ago I started taking the Renew Life Natural Total Physique Cleanse 3. About a week into it, I began to endure extreme diarrhea. When I purchased the product, the lady at the retailer told me to decrease the range of pills that I was taking if I have been to endure diarrhea and I did. About ten days into the plan, I began a breakout about my mouth similar to fever blisters and I stopped taking the product. I have in no way suffered cold sores or fever blisters and made the decision to do some research. Right after studying and searching at many pics, I noticed that the lesion in the extreme corner of my mouth was exactly like an angular cheilitis pic. I utilised a residence remedy to treat what I perceived to be angular chelitis and every little thing seemed to be healing just locate until finally I ate an massive quantity of trail mix yesterday and now I am displaying new bumps around the identical region of my mouth. I do not have unprotected sex. Could the extreme diarrhea result in malnutrition that could have led angular chelitis? Could HSV be spread by the hands meeting vaginal fluids, breasts, and the hands inadvertently becoming exposed to the mouth?

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Answer by frederick q
Consults your medical doctor for advise, and if probable ask him/her to enable you for a lab test, and in so carrying out you will know the precise medication to go for. Hope this aid. Thank you

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