Does anyone know anything about a body detox?

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Question by &Iwaslike...: Does everyone know anything about a body detox? I want to do a natural body detox, preferably the lemon, chili powder and maple syrup detox....I'm always tired and finding sick so maybe if I try this it will support my immune technique and power level go up. Does anybody know of any other natural detoxes?

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um detox's dont do Something ok if you have a poor immune technique consume more VITAMIN C THIS Aids YOU Fight Diseases AND SICKNESSES AND BOOSTS YOUR IMMUNE Program if your tired alot you can drink coffee or power drinks or just take some sugar or carbohydrates ANY Excellent DRINKS JUST Try EM ALL IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT working out will stop generating you tired also

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    1. Cher says:

      I AlwAys detox after a vacation and I go all pure. Start at 1week move up slowly. Eat only fresh fruits and vegetables. TAke all your vitamins And always have water to drink. Eat LOTS. It will flush your entire system(lots of bathroom breaks). Add flax to as much as you can. You're probBly failing on your other detox tries because you didn't eat often enough, didn't take vitamins and didn't drink enough. Good luck

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