How can I detox my body after recently quitting smoking?

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Question by travelerhjh: How can I detox my body after lately quitting smoking? I just quit smoking a couple of days ago and want to detox my body to feel far better. Any suggestion?

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Answer by cyberforce
This plan was excellent. Thank you so significantly.

I had smoked for about 34 years. I never ever genuinely tried to quit smoking before, I attempted this plan and it was truly simple for me. I smoked about 1-1-1/2 packs of cigarette's a day.

I would advise this program to anybody. It is worth for each smoker who wants to quit this slow suicide habit, this is your last likelihood to get rid of it eternally.

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    4 Responses to “How can I detox my body after recently quitting smoking?”
    1. Panda says:


    2. notalonewithcancer says:

      vegetable, & fruit juices and lots of good clean water is about the best you can do for yourself to flush the chemicals out of your system.

    3. Opus says:

      Nothing you eat, drink or squirt up your a$ $ will do anything to "detox" you. It will happen naturally over time if you stop putting the "toxins" in, but the process cannot be hurried.

    4. really? says:

      for 10 days drink 2 quarts of water, fresh vegtables and fruit, raw pecans and almonds, and whole wheat. no meat no dairy.
      do 5 minutes of jumping jacks a day, and take cascara from your healthfood store as recommended.
      thatyll do it!!!!!.

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