How do I do a full body detox without and supplements or pills?

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Question by crazyponylover: How do I do a complete physique detox without having and supplements or pills? I want to do a detox (I know it is hard) but my mom did it ahead of and I know it aids you drop excess weight and really feel better. I am thinking it will take about 5 weeks to do a full detox and I am ready to attempt I just need to know Specifically what I can and can't eat and how a lot and when. Thanks for your support

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Answer by Kaleb'sMommyToBe
try a organic detox. the "vegetable punch" is one of the very best techniques to get it carried out. pick a veggie (broccoli, carrots, squash, cuccumbers), consume only that for 3 - 5 days. you will have alot of bowel movements, but thats exactly where the detox operates. you are going to feel so a lot healthier as soon as it really is all done.

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    One Response to “How do I do a full body detox without and supplements or pills?”
    1. coreana says:

      I tried to do a juicing detox (juice fresh veggies and fruit) but i got really hungry and weak feeling. And then did some research. These detox "diets" out there are not good for your body at all. The only reason you would need a detox is if you eat bad. Im a Vegan ( I don't eat meat or dairy products) I haven't always been vegan so im not pushing being vegan on anyone, But i think that if you go Vegan for a while 2-4 weeks you will be cleaned out and feel wonderful and it can kick start a diet. You need food to function so cutting out food and doing a liquid diet it so bad ( I don't know why I tried) I don't eat processed food, i do sneak in bread once in a while, But cutting out processed food is a wonderful way to clean your body out.

      I hope this has helped. and please be careful if you do a liquid detox or choose one veggie or fruit and eat it all day (the other answer someone has given you) they dont give your body everything it needs.

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