How do I get down the fiber drink in ADVOCARE herbal cleanse?

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Question by aaron: How do I get down the fiber drink in ADVOCARE herbal cleanse? I started the ADVOCARE herbal cleanse nowadays and part of the method is to drink a fiber drink in the morning on days 1-3 and 8-10. The drink tastes awful and has tons of "pulp" when mixed with water. I gag really easily and it was very difficult to get it down. Any suggestions?

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Answer by DC
I assume you are referring to the Citrus flavor of the fiber drink. To me it is not poor at all and really tastes like fresh orange juice. Some people struggle with obtaining this down at 1st but it does get less difficult. My suggestion would be to mix it with much more than the specified 8oz of water so that it is thinner and drink it speedily, it will thicken if you let it set. In the long term you could attempt the Peaches & Cream flavor as an alternative, it has a entirely diverse texture and tastes quite great too. Very good luck on the cleanse.

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