How well do different brands of vitamins work?

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Question by Kelly: How well do diverse brands of vitamins perform? I truly believe that there is a variation in vitamin quality that varies from brand to brand. I lately purchased some Hy-Vee brand, Target brand, Nature Produced, and Origins vitamins. How nicely, in your encounter, do these brands of vitamins stack up against other people? Thanks!

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Answer by lychi
When choosing vitamins, potency and absorption are two primary aspects.

I would not advise pill type of vitamins due to 2 factors:

1. reduced absorption rate – Fillers and binders are employed in order to type pills. Pills want to be broken down into stomach first before our physique can absorb. Stomach is really high acidic, as a result most of the nutrients are destroyed in our stomach prior to reaching small intestine for absorption. So with pill type, you are hunting for absorption rate of about 10 to 40% based on our body's digestion ability and the ingredients to form the pills. Please retain in thoughts that human's digestion potential is deceased by age.

2. Potency: Minerals in pill forms can trigger free of charge radical generation during digestion and thus the antioxidants in the multivitamin pill (vitamin A, C, E, and so on.) are utilized to battle off the no cost radicals it generates, as a result cancel out its antioxidant impact for our body.

As a outcome, I would advise Isotonix® vitamin line simply because it really is the only isotonic form of vitamin in the market place

With Isotonix line, considering that it's in isotonic kind by adding specific quantity of water to one capful of powder (it tastes fantastic as well!), vitamins will not remain in stomach and will go to intestine inside five minutes so you are seeking for absorption rate of 90% and greater, greater absorption rate even evaluate to IV injection.

Not all supplements are created equally. Never ever search for price when picking supplements, search for values and potency and absorption rate since our wellness is priceless!

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