Is there a way to do a colon cleanse with an herbal tea and fruit and vegatable diet?

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Question by Toni M: Is there a way to do a colon cleanse with an herbal tea and fruit and vegatable diet regime?

What would I buy to do this?

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Answer by credible_bulk
That is very unhealthy. Why torture your body so?

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    8 Responses to “Is there a way to do a colon cleanse with an herbal tea and fruit and vegatable diet?”
    1. ScrawL says:

      I know an easier, cheaper way. Get a water house get it up there in the colon nice and good and turn it on full blast for approximately 20 seconds then pull it out and SHAAABAAMMM!!! Clean Colon!

    2. JAREAD says:

      There was an Actress int he thirties that did a high colonic every week to keep her colon clean, That was after she passed seventy. Maybe you have heard of her, Her name was Mae West.

      That is the recommended method for colon cleansing.

    3. longliveabcdefg says:

      One of the ways is to have a glass of apple + carrot + raw potato + tomato juice first thing in the morning. Drink right away after juicing. Wait about an hour before eating or drinking anything else so the juice has time to cleanse your system.

    4. serenitynow says:

      sure you can try that, but also eat a lot of bran or wheat products which latch onto the nastiness and pass it through your system.

    5. BELTON 44......herpicide says:

      pls. do not think i am trying to be cute, but i have found that a tbs. or two of vinigar, each day helps out a lot of body purges.......i buy a good salad vinergette from sams club and drink .5 oz per day, and it also helps me to lose weight..belton44

    6. ye_river_xiv says:

      Why exactly would you be needing to do a colon cleanse?

      In general, it is best to just let your body take it in, and let it out at it's own pace.

      If for some strange reason you feel the need to cleanse your colon, all you really need to do is pump eight ounces or so of any liquid up inside the colon. You'll "cleanse" yourself in no time. Just be sure to have plenty of TP around, because "cleansing" is pretty godawful dirty.

    7. steinwald says:

      why would you want to do this?? total bunk.. search colonoscopies and if you can find any matter up that poop chute, i'll buy you a big juicy steak. eat fiberous foods, drink pleanty fluids and you should be good.

    8. jennabeanski says:

      My mom has just recently been coming off of the Master Cleanse (aka Lemonade Diet). It's really good, and it is a good cleanse for a lot more than just your colon. We just have the book, but I bet you could find it online. Best of luck!

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