Master Cleanse/Lemonade Diet herbal tea question?

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Question by blahhhhhhhh: Master Cleanse/Lemonade Diet herbal tea question? I am starting the Master Cleanse detox diet and have decided against the salt water flush you are supposed to take in the mornings. I am going to drink the laxative herbal tea at night, but should i also drink it in the mornings to make up for not drinking the salt water mixture?

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Answer by ninja
See site below to see that made a great decison with the SWF. It is good to avoid single white females. Just kidding. Avoid the salt water flush. You do not need to take the tea in the morning. Your body knows what to do. Site below has quotes from 18 MDs about fasitng and lemonade diet where Beyonce lost 20 punds in 10 days!

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