Q&A: body detox?

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Question by iljb: physique detox? How can i safely detox my body in 7-days? I am asking not for a swift weight loss (so no laxitve ideas please) but to help elimate the feeling of fatigue all day lengthy.

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Answer by shuldaddy24
milk thistle is utilised for detox as a much more organic remedy. there may well be a slight enhance in defecation initially, nevertheless that really should cease soon after a couple of days.

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    2 Responses to “Q&A: body detox?”
    1. dixiegirl687 says:

      cut out all processed foods. drink lots of water. eat lots of good fiber.

    2. PCon says:

      Really there is no quick solution to this. Its more of a lifestyle change. I actually went to the doctor about this because I was drowsy all the time, I could only stay awake for a few hours before getting really tired. You should go to the doctor and ask him/her about this. The doctor can determine with tests what you have or how the chemicals in your body are working. I never knew it before, but eating healthy really makes a difference.

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