Q&A: Do over the counter herbal colon cleanse pills work and are they safe ?

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Question by just Me: Do over the counter herbal colon cleanse pills perform and are they safe ? I endure from terrible bloating after I consume and gas. I feel like I have gained ten pounds. Gas pills do practically nothing. I am considering of attempting an above the countr herbal colon cleanse. Do they work? Can everyone advocate 1? Are they secure? Do they have side effects?

Greatest solution:

Solution by evirustheslaye
colon cleanse pills are basically "detox" treatment options, which run off of the assumption that you get sick simply because toxins build up in your physique. the dilemma is that there is no need to have for detoxing, your physique naturally filters out toxins through the liver. if your getting stomach problems soon after you consume its most likely what you ate. if changing your diet regime isn't operating than go to an actual doctor about it.

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    2 Responses to “Q&A: Do over the counter herbal colon cleanse pills work and are they safe ?”
    1. Anna P says:

      More fiber is good, but you don't need a lot of pills. Decrease your intake of processed foods, increase your veggies and fruits and lean proteins, drink more water, and use a probiotic (even some commercial yogurts are OK if you don't want the more expensive ones), and you should be fine.

    2. bobbye71 says:

      I agree, in part,with the other answers above.
      "Detoxing" the colon will simply cause some very uncomfortable diarrhea for a couple days, depending on the type you would use, followed by a probable period of constipation, which isn't pleasant, either.

      Instead, I would suggest you watch what you are eating, such as beans, cabbage and the like. Do you know of any particular foods that result in the formation of gas?

      Another contributor is talking, and swallowing a lot of air while eating or drinking. Instead, I would suggest that you drink your fluids before and after your meal or simply take sips during the meal. Carbonated beverages, such as pop or beer also add to the gassy feeling in the stomach.

      Why not try some simpler means, instead of getting so drastic with the so called colon cleansers. Your gastro- intestinal tract is an natural detoxification system so don't fight with mother nature!

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