Q&A: Herbal parasite cleanse?

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Question by Matt: Herbal parasite cleanse? I am seeking into an herbal parasite cleanse with black walnut and wormwood, simply because I eat a lot of rare meats- are these the only herbs I will need to totally clear the buggers out? What types should I take them in? How lengthy need to I take them? Are herbs een successful at this? How much ought to I take? I do not currentlly have any critical parasite infestations (that I know of), I am taking this as a precautionary measure for my rare-meat wealthy diet regime

Greatest answer:

Answer by Genie?Angel
Stop eating raw meats.

Young Living has some great parasite cleanse out there..

also your local wellness meals shop may possibly have stuff.

I do not know how efficient they are, but it took me above a year to get rid of a parasite referred to as giardia with prescription drugs.

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    5 Responses to “Q&A: Herbal parasite cleanse?”
    1. Ronin says:

      A very simple method of cleansing the meat you eat is to boil it well in salt water with some powdered dried turmeric root powder thrown in.

      Salt and turmeric will get rid of any germs and viruses there are in them.

      Merry Christmas!!!!

    2. Awakening Spirit says:

      Stop eating rare meats. Meat in general isn't healthful for you (overall, although it does have some benefits like protein, iron).

      But eating rare meat is just asking for it. Unless you're killing it yourself and know proper cleaning methods, you are at risk for serious diseases other than parasites. Even then, still a risky proposition.

      Have you seen Fast Food Nation ? lol Seriously though, the meat isn't nearly as clean as it used to be.

    3. Madame M says:

      I dunno - I would check with a doctor to see if you have parasites. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." The eggs will show up in your feces, and there will be other symptoms -- despite what the parasite-cleanser salespeople say!

      That said, you might consider cooking meats longer. The Japanese eat wasabi with raw fish and that's supposed to prevent unspecified nasties.

      Wormwood is really dangerous. They used to make a liquor with it called absinthe, and it was a drug that caused terrible havoc in its time. Black walnut skins aren't safe, either.

      Please get some proper medical help before you try these things. There are alternatives to alternative medicine!

    4. Susan M says:

      Giardia only comes from water, cold water.

      This has both plus other things:

      I have never used this company or product. Pumpkin seeds are supposed to rid the body of worms. The other plus is that they taste good and you can have them as a nutritious snack.

    5. kinacl says:

      I'm a nurse. Go and see your primary doctor. Frankly you need to know for sure if you have parasites or not. Parasites can become life threatening if not treated, see your doctor.

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