Q&A: How do I detox my body to restart my health to its default level so i can start building it up again?

June 29, 2011 by  
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Question by garysdub: How do I detox my physique to restart my health to its default degree so i can start off building it up again? What are some techniques of detoxing my physique so i can commence fresh with my ideal default body? i'd like to rid myself of all the toxins, impurities, and crap that we eat day-to-day and start more than. then operate out and preserve a healthful active way of life... but yeah, how do i detox it i guess is the question! thanks.

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Answer by JacquelynMarie
quick for like a week and drink lots of water and take vitamins

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      5 Responses to “Q&A: How do I detox my body to restart my health to its default level so i can start building it up again?”
      1. lisa says:

        maybe you should fast for a short period of time
        like maybe a day or two
        get a chance to flush out all the nastiness

      2. mommanuke says:

        Well, if you are otherwise healthy, you could try a three day fast of water and fruit juice, but there's really no reason to do that, since just changing to a healthy diet will gradually return you to a non-toxic level anyway over a week or two.

      3. Yvonne says:

        Get this book: "The Raw Food Detox Diet" by Natalia Rose. That's how I did it. I feel awesome and have completely changed my dietary lifestyle. I will never go back. I highly recommend it. I've learned so much about food by reading this book! And this way, you can do it the healthy way. Don't just not eat for a week and drink only water. That's not good either....

      4. jennylynn says:

        I've been reading some stuff from this guy Jon Barron ( jonbarron.org), anyway, he's got great info on some great detox's. The more I read from him and other places, the more I agree with what he says...anyway, juice fasts are great...this guy recommends drinking the healthiest (not bottled or canned) juice you can find, drinking 8 oz. every hour your awake for 3-7 days. I wouldn't just drink water, it will screw your metabolism up. Also, this guy talks about a colon and then later a gaul blatter/liver detox if you want to spend the money. Your body will heal quickly, so eat well and do some investigating about the best thing for YOU!

      5. Amiene Rev says:

        Based on your problem, it is an old problem. Eastern people know the solution.

        For the fact, all toxics go to your foot. You can use the toxic patch to remove it from body. Combined with extract acid thing from tree.

        Just put it while you're sleep, and by the next day, you will see the result. It is safe and the best way. Your body will feel lighter as feather.

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