Q&A: how does herbal colon cleanse help?

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Question by Jennifer Norris: how does herbal colon cleanse help? What are the benefits of herbal colon cleanse, How does it aid in skin purification. Does it have any side effects.

Best answer:

Answer by DeannetheGreat
It is a waste of money and discomfort. The really notion of "cleansing" the colon is ludicrous. You need bacteria in the colon to assist with the fermentation of substances, and the colon absorbs water and vitamins and potassium and forms stool. The only cause to ever clean out the colon would be to assist with imaging, such as during a colonoscopy to verify for cancerous growths.

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    One Response to “Q&A: how does herbal colon cleanse help?”
    1. Mike says:

      What I've heard is that it doesn't help at all. Colon is best left alone and the whole colon cleansing industry is a fad, just like acai berry or snake oil.

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