Q&A: Is it healthy to do a Herbal Body Detox/Cleanse?

August 18, 2011 by  
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Question by nobody's hero: Is it wholesome to do a Herbal Body Detox/Cleanse? I am undertaking a 'renew' body detox. Does anyone know if it is safe and worth undertaking? Pro's? Con's? It really is named CleanseSmart by Renew Life

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Answer by gitammy
i study in a book once, that the foods in today's society are so loaded with toxin that you should cleanse your physique regularly. I have not attempted it but I hear that it is incredibly benificial.

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    8 Responses to “Q&A: Is it healthy to do a Herbal Body Detox/Cleanse?”
    1. theqandaguy says:

      Do it. Follow the rules. Disease starts in the gut! Clean it out!!

    2. Adrian says:

      If you're doing like an herbal tea thing, it's very healthy, I do it daily. If it's something else you need to tell me what it is first.

    3. Opus says:

      The very notion that you need to "detox" or "cleanse" is simply nonsense.
      Not worth doing. Risk without any benefit.
      Save your money.

      "western medicine merely masks symptoms, while alternative and complimentary therapies actually heal" BULLSH!T
      Name ONE thing that they "heal". ONE. Show me PROOF. There is none.

    4. DomC says:

      Unless you're suffering from alcohol poisoning or you just OD'd on smack, It's not really detox. It's more like new age bullshit.

    5. ice p says:

      I've done them several times and after I was finished my skin looked better I had more energy and felt better. I don't think there is any con's in cleansing all the toxins out of your body. At first the only thing I experienced was my skin broke out from all the bad stuff coming out of my bod.

    6. DENISE says:

      it's the best thing for you to try
      and with it DON'T eat red meats just veggies and drink lots of water and try not to eat sweets.
      this can hurt you if you don't do what it says to.
      no red meats,it only working best for you if you go by what this said to.
      i do this once or twice a month and feel better for doing it.

    7. superrrmodel says:

      I have had digestion problems for years which include bloating, heartburn, indigestion, face flushing, sinus congestion, etc. I have now been on a special eating plan to avoid all sorts of "toxic" foods which include white sugar, alcohol, genetically modified foods (like Canola oil) and foods that are toxic to my body such as wheat and dairy. I have been following this plan for about two months. I do not starve myself but eat the foods that are ideal for me and try my hardest to avoid the "toxic" foods. I have never felt better. Not only have the majority of my digestion problems disappeared but I am starting to feel more energetic. I believe that if we avoid processed foods our bodies work they way they were supposed to. We also should have variety in our diet in order to get the nutrients our bodies need. I see no reason why you shouldn't try the Detox/Cleanse for yourself to see if you feel any difference in your body. The thing to remember is you can stop it at any time that you feel that you are not benefiting from it. Good luck.

    8. Ohio Healer says:

      I have used this product and have recommended it to several clients, as well. It is an effective, gentle cleanse. If this is the first time you've done this, you may want to repeat it in another month or so and then every 4-5 months as follow-up just to make sure things are moving out of the body and not causing imbalances -- especially if you eat any processed foods at all.

      I'm not sure why folks answering questions on this site waste their time referring people to "quackwatch" -- probably have their retirement investments in pharmaceutical stock. Society is realizing that western medicine merely masks symptoms, while alternative and complimentary therapies actually heal.

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