Q&A: Supplements?

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Question by I<3Kizzy: Supplements? I strategy to begin barrel racing with my 7yr old mare. Appropriate now she is on sweet feed with no supplements of any sort. Really should she be on anything or is she okay with out it. Please aid. Thanks.

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Answer by GiGi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
umm it rlly depends on ur horse. but perhaps like a joint supplement.

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      3 Responses to “Q&A: Supplements?”
      1. Sandy S says:

        if you were to give your competitor a supplement, i would feed Omega Horseshine. It builds up fatty acids. it also helps with overall performance, coat condition, hoof health, aids in muscle building, energy(in a good way, not like crazy, like alert, and content) i like it alot, my horses used to be so lazy, coat was dull. now I don't even have to use coat conditioners, or showsheen.

        My barrel mare had to be shod in order to run, now she runs barefoot. i owe it all to Omega Horseshine. World champions recommend this supplement. so do vets.

        its not just for barrel horses, every kind of horse. even my idle ones are on it.

        but your horse probably doesn't need a supplement, seeing as she is young. but if i were to recommend one, it would be Omega Horseshine.

        its available @ TSC for 20-30 dollars, and its a 20lb bag. there are 100 servings in the bag.

      2. HorseJumper says:

        You could put her on 4-in-1. It's just kind of an all around supplement that helps in a bunch of different areas. Every horse in our hunter/jumper barn was on it. Check it out :)

      3. A Van D says:

        I've found that Smooth Run is a great supplement. I have personally met the creator, who is a professional barrel racer. My horse has become a completely different horse on it. She is on Smooth Run Plus. There are tons of variety from the smooth run product line. defintiely check it out. smoothrunequine.com/

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