Q&A: What is the best way to detox your body?

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Query by spunk: What is the best way to detox your body? I'm vegan, but I want to detox my total body. Any ideas?

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Answer by Mr. Smartypants
they have many more than the counter detox agents. www.gnc.com

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    5 Responses to “Q&A: What is the best way to detox your body?”
    1. Sarah R says:

      one of my freinds is vegan and she just ate fruits and veggies for like a week(all organic) and she only drank water, no dressing on her salads or anything

    2. bigmacbrian says:

      Drink 3 litres of water a day. No juice, no sugar drinks. Just water and good healthy food.

    3. debrah_marie says:


    4. J.E.R. says:

      water and organic fruits and vegetables
      consuming foods with no added sugar, salt, preservatives etc.

    5. Shay p says:


      Hydrocolon Therapy - large intestine irrigation - detoxication, and purification of organism.

      The large intestine plays an important role in the human´s digestive tract. That is the reason why we offer you the possibility to purify this part of your organism by Hydrocolon therapy. This method was introduced in ancient times, and its modern form was developed in the US. Owing to this method we can help you to overcome consequences of unsuitable lifestyle, improper regime, and often impacts from taking modern medicaments, especially antibiotics on intestinal microflora.

      Why go through hydrocolon Therapy?
      In curves of large intestines are persistently cumulating food remainders that form culture medium for putrid, and fermentative processes. Yeasts, moulds, and bacteria multiply on these remainders, and disturb natural balance. They also produce increased amounts of toxins (poison) which pass through mucosas, simultaneously are absorbed into blood, and lymphatic systems. In a fundamental manner then weight down the organism, and immune system, and become the reason for an array of medical problems, and illnesses. They as well disturb abilities of intestinal mucosa to absorb significant vitamins, and nutrients. Among frequent complaints that are bound to this process belong for example:

      Acne, skin diseases, psoriasis, various mould ailments, allergies
      Overweight, enlarged abdomen, constipation, articulary problems, rheumatism, high blood pressure, pain in the small of the back
      Headaches, chronic weariness, weakened defensiveness, proneness to illnesses, anemia, bodily odour, bad breath
      Therapy progress
      The procedure is carried out in a lying position on the back by professional personnel - skilled nurses, and lasts approximately 45 to 60 minutes.
      To the client’s intestine is alternately pumped warm and cold water by a tube inserted into the rectum. Uneven temperatures stimulate peristalsis and clean the intestine. Hydrotherapy gently dissolves, and cleanses intestinal contents including toxic wastes, sediment mass, pathogenic micro-organisms, and parasites. Simultaneously activates immune system. Water with dregs is conducted away from the body without you smelling any stench, since the whole system is closed. Clients can observe the irrigated content in a transparent pipe during the procedure.
      Hydrocolon therapy is perceived pleasant, and creating content feeling. The therapy does not cause any pain or spasms. In certain phases of the procedure appears a feeling of full intestine.

      Preparation before the therapy
      One day before the irrigation is appropriate to consume only easily digestible food, for example: yogurt, kefir, puree, fish, pasta, vegetable soup, tea, juice. Inappropriate is flatulent food for example: legume, fresh bakery products, cabbage, kale, raw vegetables, and fruit, meat, milk.

      Recommended number of procedures
      Under the terms of this purgative method are completed 3 to 5 applications out of which are 1 to 3 completed in the first week. After the irrigation is recommended to take a preparation with microbial flora – lactoflora by Pharma Nord company. Subsequently is appropriate to go for a sustentative purification once a year.

      Make an appointment, if you want.


      Price services
      Services Period Price
      subscription 3 application - all crust 0 min 2100 CZK
      next application after crust 60 min 700 CZK
      1 alone application 60 min 1190 CZK

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