Q&A: What kind of supplements should i take if i am a football player?

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Question by Adrian P: What sort of supplements need to i take if i am a football player? I am junior about to be a senior in high school. I was pondering what type or supplements(protein, creatine, ...) need to i take for muscle growth and quick recovery.

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Answer by Rob B
Eat very good food. Do not take supplements that are not particularly recommended, by name by a medical doctor.

Supplements are snake oil. They are unregulated except following they actually result in kidney harm or death. Even the FDA's website admits this.



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    9 Responses to “Q&A: What kind of supplements should i take if i am a football player?”
    1. Jonathan says:

      Don't take supplements after workout eat 3 eggs or a straight peanut butter sandwich the protein will help you muscles grow quicker and milk brother thats what our strenght coach made us eat and we won district 7 years in a row.

    2. TIm says:

      Dont cheat work hard the and eat healthy.

    3. Alex M says:

      Come now, "Adrian P", we know you're not in high school. Just ask the Vikings trainers what you should use to juice up ;)

      Seriously tho, creatine is great for fast muscle recovery, just make sure you stay well hydrated (like seriously 12 glasses of water a day) while you're on it.

    4. Ddd says:

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    5. Brian T says:

      Well...I'm junior about 2 be senior in two days when school is out but everybody has there own picks about wat they wanna do 2 become bigger....I play varsity football to and I'm only 5foot 3.5 inches tall so I have to make tyhat up with weight and speed combined...I plan on eating peanutbutter...eating good healthy foods...drinking milk...I also jus bought me 4.44 pounds worth of monster milk which I'm gonna take three times a day...and I have a trainer that's gonna get me where I need to be for next football season...mabey u can take sum of my ideas

    6. QB killa says:

      You need 0.7-0.8 grams of protein for every pound of body weight if you wanna gain weight.......thats alot of protein. I recommend protein shakes, almonds (24grams of protein in 1 cup!!), lots of nuts ect ect. The best way to go is natural. You also need to eat between 4000 and 5000 calories every day you workout, which i hope you are doing. in essence you need to take in more calories than you burn to gain weight...duh.
      So eat alot, but make your gain gradual,otherwise you'll end up fat.

    7. ckgjr30 says:

      NLExplode or black powder creatine, will help you get big fast but just make sure you know what your doing people can get seriously hurt or even die from improper use of this just know to drink a lot of water stay hydrated and know what your taking before you take it also remember whenever you decide to stop taking it it might have bad effects like you will lose your muscle mass and it will turn to fat.

    8. joshuamspr says:

      Steroids...do it. Youll get huge.

    9. LIFE says:

      no need to take supplements at your age. Just eat alot of protein and carbs

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