Q&A: What vitamins should an older teen take through pregnancy?

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Question by Racheal: What vitamins should an older teen take by way of pregnancy? Situation:

18 year old girl, I'm gonna say four to 5 weeks pregnant.

My very best pal told me she located out she is pregnant. She is excited about it but I am worried about the wellness of her and her child. She is organizing to keep it, please no lectures on ideals and philosophy.

My queries is what sort of vitamins should she take, if any? Pre-natal vitamins? Any distinct brands?

Thank you for your time.

Finest answer:

Answer by Pregnant with a Child Boy =]
Prenatals all pregnant girls need to take them it has almost everything you require in them im certain you can uncover them and walgreens.

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    7 Responses to “Q&A: What vitamins should an older teen take through pregnancy?”
    1. toastedalmondd says:

      no particular brand is required. I got a huge bottle from Sams/Costco type place for $ 12 that last during and beyond my pregnancy. I also took Expecta by Lipil, they have the omega oils in them which is good form brain development. I got those from my local CVS type store. I also took a stool softener a couple times a week, some pregnant women get constipated. But all were purchased over the counter no prescriptions needed.

      Get her to sign up a baby-center.com they e-mailed me every week of typical pregnancy and baby stuff. I found it useful.

      Congrats to your friend.

    2. Micah&Korey says:

      Yes Pre-natal. And you can get them prescribed by your doctor if you like. But really you could go to any drug store and buy them. They arnt expensive at all. And there isnt really a specific brand. More or less they are all very much alike. When I was a vegetarian and pregnant I bough ones that didnt have anything to do with animals and were organic. Ha. But just go look. =>

    3. IT'S A BOY!! says:

      im 19 and had my son two weeks ago. i just took flinstone vitamins because the prenatals made me sick. the flinstones has everything the prenatals do. and they taste better

    4. Natalie j says:

      you need to talk to a doctor or midwife before taking any types of vitamins during pregnancy, whether or not they are suitable during pregnancy, its advised to ask first! you dont need vitamins, if you have a well balanced healthy diet!

    5. Due Jan 7 with a little Marine! says:

      She needs to buy any prenatal vitamin that contains folic acid until she sees a doctor. At her first appointment, they will give her a prescription for stronger vitamins with her specific needs in mind, but until her first appointment she can take any over the counter prenatal vitamin, but make sure it contains folic acid, which decreases the risks for neural tube defects.

    6. the_moon_pixie says:

      I have been using Sanatogen Mother to be and Omega 3. I have heard that teenagers have to have extra calcium in their diets. Babies take calcium from any woman's body when they are developing, but this poses a risk for teens that are still growing themselves. There's no point taking a calcium supplement though if there's no Magnesium as this is essential for the absorption of calcium.

      A vitamin with plenty of folic acid too as this can help guard the baby against spina bifida. I have been told to steer clear of vitamin A. Most pregnancy vitamins do not contain this but tell your friend not to eat animal liver as this type of vit A is harmful, but she can still have a diet with plenty of orange veg like carrots, which contain a different kind of vitamin A.

    7. Cierra says:

      theres no need for it if you bump up the eating of you 5 food groups

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