What nutritional supplements should my child take to grow taller?

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Question by : What nutritional supplements ought to my child take to develop taller? She's twelve. And I'm, a negative parent for failing to discover about nutritional supplements earlier! Do Flintstones Vitamins function properly for height development? That's all we're concerned about, height growth! And what the heck are fish oil supplements that Kelly Ripa keeps speaking about? Please assist! I'll die in shame if my kid will forever be shorter than every person else simply because I was a bad parent.

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Answer by DeannetheGreat
Great general nutrition is the best bet, not vitamin supplements. Adhere to the food pyramid guide for numbers of servings of fruits, vegetables, complete grain, meats, fats, and so forth.


or much better nevertheless, see a pediatrician.

There's absolutely nothing shameful, nor is one a negative parent, if a kid is shorter than other kids. It's mainly genetics. Your self-debasing attitude surprises me. You want to be teaching your kid self-self-confidence, preferably by instance, as properly as feeding her healthy foods.

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    One Response to “What nutritional supplements should my child take to grow taller?”
    1. izzy says:

      No vitamins or supplements will change your child't future height. Itis governed by his genes fromthe momentof conception.

      The only things that stunts growth are malnutrition and/or severe illness in childhood.

      Bad parent? - Not!

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