What supplements should i take for weight lifting?

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Question by sk8r_69: What supplements really should i take for fat lifting? I have just began fat lifting and i was told i really should be taking supplements. There are so several, which ones should i be taking or do i even need them. I am generally seeking to bulk up and gain muscle.

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Answer by everyidistaken12
No you do not "will need" them. They simply make attaining your nutritional requirements a lot less difficult than by means of complete foods.

The a lot-agreed upon list of essential supplements are (in order) 1) Whey Protein two) Multi Vitamin three) Gluatamine

You stated that you just started out weight instruction. I wouldn't bother with the supplements but (save the money). You need to be focusing on educating your self (there is a lot to know if you want to succeed), and producing sure you are taking in much more calories each day than your physique is spending (if not, no muscle achieve)

So start reading! Begin right here: www.bodybuilding.com

Great luck

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    One Response to “What supplements should i take for weight lifting?”
    1. riley_1989 says:

      Well first u need to be doing a good weight program, if u are doing ur weights in the mouring or early in the after noon u will proberly need just the 3 supplements a tri-blend creatine, take this b4 ur workout, whey protein isolate (WPI) not whey protein concentrate(WPC), take this strait after ur workout and u can mix it in with some fruit like a smoothy or something and just b4 u go to bed take some Casein protein powder, this is a time release protien and should be taken with milk to help slow down the absorbtion, this will give protein to ur muscles throughout the night, or if u cant afford casien WPC does basically the same thing just bit cheaper,

      if u do ur weight session just b4 bed all u need is that creatine to take b4 ur session and a WPI/WPC blend to take after providing that is when u are goin to bed, also u cant bulk up if u are planning to eat junk food or have no respect for what goes in ur mouth like alcahol ect, just try and stick to natural foods this will help u more than most supplements :D

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