What supplements would you recommend for reducing scars?

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Question by Courtney: What supplements would you recommend for reducing scars? My horse had a undesirable cut on his lip, and I want to try to decrease the scar. I know about the supplements that they advertise in the horse magazines. How well does that actually operate? Is there any other issues that you could suggest me to reduce the visibility of the scar?

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Answer by QHlover
Sorry but it is a bunch of crap. None of those merchandise have any true science behind them. There isn't truly something you can do about the visibility of a scar.

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    2 Responses to “What supplements would you recommend for reducing scars?”
    1. HorseLover says:

      I'm not sure about a scar but this is worth a try. I use Corona, your can find it at most tack stores. It's in a yellow tube with a red lid. It workd great on bites and kicks and makes hair grow like crazy! Hope this helps! :)

    2. casranch says:

      if the scar is old you might try vitamin A oil or E, works well on the skin tissues .

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