What vitamins and nutrients should I give my dogs?

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Question by soccer_girl: What vitamins and nutrients ought to I give my dogs? I have a really active canine and a sort of active canine. Somebody told me that I ought to give them vitamins and stuff, to hold their joints wholesome and replenish what they are losing although running around. Could anybody inform me what these vitamins are, and how a lot to give everyday? Thanks!

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Answer by goldenretrievercrazy
i would just use a excellent dog food like canidae which incudes the vitamins in the food

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    2 Responses to “What vitamins and nutrients should I give my dogs?”
    1. Savanahs Mommy says:

      you can find some great multi vitimans at most health food stores and in alot of places there is pet stores that only carry healthy natural type foods... glucosamine is great for the joints....Supplements are scientifically balanced formulas rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and essential fatty acids... it will let you know on the bottles how much to give according to your dogs weight... good luck... smile

      Feed human quality food: broil or bake beef, poultry or fish. Pork can be too fatty and cause pancreatitis. No salty or sweet lunch meats. That’s junk food for your dog! Add veggies to your mixture: about 2/3 meat to 1/3 veggies, preferably fresh or frozen. If you cook the vegetables with meat, it will possess the flavor that they love. Dogs need greens: spinach, kale, broccoli and the like. Maintain a variety. Wolves, foxes and coyotes periodically nibble on grasses and they eat the stomach contents of prey animals, so this is an important component of a healthy canine diet.
      You must feed a multivitamin if you are going to home cook. We recommend a very palatable multivitamin by Vetri-science. you can purchase a good quality product at one of the natural pet food stores that we recommend on our referral list. Don’t just go to a generic pet store; many of the products sold there are sadly deficient and will not provide your dog with the supplements that he or she needs.
      Flax Seed Oil provides essentials oils. Very small breed: 1/2 tsp/day, med. breed: 1 tsp, very large breeds: 1 tbsp. Keep refrigerated and introduce slowly to avoid diarrhea. Some pets like garlic and a small amount of salt. Play with spices to find what your pet prefers. Like us, they relish variety!
      You can make large quantities and freeze this concoction. Partition it into meal size baggies for convenience.
      If you aren’t willing to home cook, canned food tends to be a healthier choice overall than dry food. They usually contain fewer grain products. I know that’s the very opposite statement that you’ve heard from most veterinarians in the past, but research conducted in the field of nutrition has changed my viewpoint considerably. Most dry food is bound together by grains.
      4 brands that we recommend, #1 being favorite on down the list (based on their list of ingredients):

      Wellness (canned)
      Innova Evo (dry) *
      Wysong (need multivitamin)
      Pet Guard
      * Innova Evo contains no grains, so it’s a nice substitute for owners that don’t like to feed canned food.

      carinrennings.com (the vet I used to work for)

    2. parrotsarenoisy says:

      depends on the breed your best bet is to ask a vet

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