what vitamins help clear up skin? And how many different vitamins are safe to take per day?

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Question by <33Court<33: what vitamins aid clear up skin? And how numerous distinct vitamins are protected to take per day? What vitamins aid clear up skin? I know vitamin c does but what other folks? and also how a lot of can you take a day of distinct vitamins? Since some days I take vitamin c, calcium, my typical vitamin, and one more one particular I cant think of proper now. My mom tells me to take vitamin c so I don't get sick and calcium since I don't drink adequate milk...so what assists skin and is there a limit?

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Answer by Rawrness
there is no limit when taking vitamin c because vitamin c is soluble in water, so it doesn't get stored in the physique, rather it gets excreted out via urine. I am not positive about other vitamins, but i'm rather sure there is a limit for other vitamins.

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    2 Responses to “what vitamins help clear up skin? And how many different vitamins are safe to take per day?”
    1. AbeLincolnParty says:

      Try including salmon in your diet, a can costs about 2 dollars, bake it with lots a parseley.

      Don't go overboard on vitamins, too much can cause problems, like vit A can cause liver disease, give the salmon a chance.

    2. Erin says:

      there's not really any vitamins in particular just eat lots of varied fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water and cleanse tone and moisturize and exfoilate once a week good luck x

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