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1. Vitamin A Preparation Vitamin A preparations are all-natural goods and synthetic types. Natural products mostly cod liver oil and its merchandise, mainly synthetic vitamin A alcohol, vitamin A Acetic acid Ester, vitamin A palmitate, and some preparations of vitamin A propionate. As Feed additives The present main merchandise of synthetic vitamin A-based 1 cod liver oil and its items: liver, cod liver oil is a fresh aquatic animals, such as raw materials and pyloric obtained. Cod liver oil as the oily, except vitamin A, also consists of vitamin D and other extra fat-soluble vitamins, are normally life-dimensional volume of A and vitamin D lower, as several hundred international units per gram. Now seldom utilized as a feed additive. Vitamin A oil and vitamin D oil: cod liver oil underneath vacuum distillation. Then a series of processing can be obtained with high concentrations of vitamin A refined and vitamin D, vitamin A dissolved in vegetable oil adjusted vitamin D ranges or requirements shall be a specific concentration of vitamin A and vitamin D fuel oil. Vitamin AD oil: be refined by the vitamin A, D with soluble vegetable oil, adjusted levels of goods. 2 synthetic vitamin A and its preparation: the synthetic vitamin A compounds, mostly vitamin A alcohol, peacekeeping, and a prime acetate and vitamin A palmitate. Poor stability of vitamin A alcohol, utilised as feed additives primarily for the latter two. 3 powder: Vitamin A powder with adsorbed and coated two kinds.adsorbed preparations of vitamin A: about to liver oil or water soluble vitamins A liquid utilized Cereals Defatted germ or rice bran, and so forth. Powder Created as adsorbent. Poor stability. coated Stabilized vitamin A preparation: In order to increase the stability of vitamin A preparations, except vitamin A body fat-based, add the antioxidant, the present strategies are typically used to package the materials with stability is, there are primarily two Products that particles and particle powder capsule. Microcapsules are primarily based on gelatin isoelectric point in its low solubility characteristics, using many coagulation to gelatin-coated materials microcapsules, so that outsourcing is a layer of vitamin A ester tight protective film, isolated vitamin A ester and air, light and other contacts, so as to attain the prevention or delay of vitamin A esters Oxidation, Is the a lot more stable vitamin A preparations. China's existing production of this feed additive preparation of vitamin A and far more. Particulate powder, or spray dried powder is a relatively new manufacturing technological innovation items, the application of spray, Starch Absorption drying approach. Regular palm vitamin A acetate or acetic acid ester dispersed in gelatin and sucrose or glucose to the composition of the matrix, adding Antioxidants, This mixture with air atomization spray is mixed with dry starch, water fog particle surface was dry starch, the final screening, vacuum low-temperature drying. Adsorption with starch modified starch with a hydrophobic much better. This modified starch powder particles covered by good oxidation resistance, high hardness, resistance to mechanical harm, moderate size in the 30 - 80 mesh range, unit feed particles are a lot more irregular and rough surface particles, easily mixed adsorption all. Compared with the microcapsules, has apparent positive aspects. Spray freeze coagulation particles can also be utilised to put together powder. Current many years, foreign Engineering Technical literature have reported that application of -cyclodextrin of drug-coated components, simple-to-photosensitive, oxidation and decomposition of vitamin A, D, E, K and his unstable vitamins manufactured from the -cyclodextrin-coated preparations can be enhance the stability of these vitamins. Preparation of the stable these vitamin A soon after ingestion by an animal preparation, in vivo-coated materials is progressively dissolved, vitamin capsule released from the heart, animals, the body can absorb and use. Package is based vitamin A preparations containing active ingredients differ extensively employed as feed additives for far more than 10 to 500 000 IU / g. 2. -carotene preparations Mainly microbial compounds, the pure item as red-brown to dark purple crystalline powder, light, oxygen and acid delicate. Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in fats and oils, soluble Acetone, Petroleum ether and other natural Solvent. Due to poor stability of -carotene preparations of goods with the preparation of vitamin A, as significantly as all the stability of coated materials handling agents. Roche's goods such as -carotene with stable 10% gelatin-coated powder, in a confined Container In storage in a dry location under 20, can be stored for six to 12 months.

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