Freedom Quit Smoking Blog Announces News about Additional Burden Faced by Smokers as They Register for the Affordable Care Act Mandatory Health Policy with

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 25, 2014

The year 2015 will see countless smokers fuming as many are expected to pay up to 50% more than non-smokers for the same health plans. As quoted by, which provides unbiased information on ObamaCare. Government subsidies to assist enrollees are calculated before the "tobacco surcharges" are put into effect. What this means for smokers is increased financial pressure making insurance unaffordable for many.


The terms of the new Affordable Care Act mean that if a smoker continues lighting up, it will cost them more for future health care. The Affordable Care Act prevents insurers from charging people higher premiums for costly health conditions. This benefits patients with serious illnesses, like cancer or diabetes, as they will pay the same fees as healthy people of the same age. However, for the 19% of American adults who smoke: Insurance companies can charge premiums as much as 50 percent higher than what nonsmokers will pay.


According to Bloomberg Businessweek who reported that, "Thus far 10 states, with health plan quotes available for review at this time, have charged smokers at least 15 percent more than non-smokers." Although some states, California included, have chosen to reject the surcharges on the grounds that costs to individuals who smoke are an ineffective deterrent given what they already spend on cigarettes or that smoking is a ?pre-existing? condition. Many states are imposing a premium on smokers, and so far, at least 8 states plan to charge the maximum 50%.


On May 16th, 2013, a Bloomberg Businessweek article pointed out that those individuals obtaining insurance through their employers might be facing additional fees from their employers by way of ?wellness screenings.? This serves as a means of assessing those whose behaviors are unhealthy and raise the costs of group policies for their employers. Such anti-smoker policies are reflected by CVS Caremark Corporation, who in March 2013 announced that ?their employees would have to submit to yearly health screenings or pay $ 50 more a month for insurance.? The Washington Post reported on February 5th, CVS also announced earlier this month that they would remove all cigarettes and tobacco products from their shelves, suffering a $ 2 billion dollar annual loss in sales. CVS expressed that it?s something the company felt necessary as they work to reduce any negative influences that might affect their direct relationship with the pharmaceutical and health care industries. In essence, keep lighting up? and you'll pay up.


Corporate Information


Freedom Laser Therapy, established in 2003, has treated tens of thousands of smokers and helped them overcome their nicotine addiction. After a decade of research and clinical experience in smoking cessation, Craig Nabat, president and founder of Freedom, invented the new Freedom Quit Smoking System, a 10-day nicotine free and all natural program developed to free smokers from the addictive grip of nicotine in the comfort of their home.


Freedom Laser Therapy is presently testing a nationwide direct response television commercial to place their ?As Seen on TV? product, the multi-faceted Freedom Quit Smoking System, in 30,000 retail outlets such as CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Kmart, Walmart, and specific Bed Bath Beyond Stores. Based on years of experience assisting smokers in overcoming nicotine addiction, the company believes the Freedom System will be America?s most desired all natural and drug-free method used for quitting smoking, because of its value, no side effects, no inclusion of nicotine, and requiring little time to help a smoker quit virtually cold turkey.

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    Herbal Home Remedies : How to Use Herbs to Quit Smoking

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    default Herbal Home Remedies  : How to Use Herbs to Quit Smoking

    A tea of lobelia, skullcap, and St. John's wort can help fill your nicotine receptors. Alleviate your nicotine cravings with the useful information given by ... Watch Video Here

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    Kristen Stewart Dumps Cigs, SolarCigarette Suggests Use of Electronic Cigarette for Other Who Also Want to Quit the Cancer Sticks

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    Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 04, 2012

    Electronic cigarettes are a great support for a lot of celebrities who go for a healthier life-style. With the use of the electrical gadget, smoking is made safer for them and their non-smoking counterparts. And following Kristen Stewart's revelation that she dumped her smoking habit, suggested the use of smokeless cigarette to other people who want to follow what she did.

    Understand A lot more About SolarCigarette

    Kristen Stewart, one particular of the prospects of the well-liked vampire film-series Twilight Saga, is the latest to join the list of celebrities who are taking a step to kick cigarettes. It was in a latest interview with MTV news that the actress revealed her quitting of the habit, said a report from

    Despite the fact that, the report did not state how the Snow White and the Huntsman star kicked the habit, her boyfriend and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson was reported utilizing ecig to quit it. Celebrities as Katherine Hiegel and Leonardo Dicaprio are also using the electric cigarettes to kick their smoking vices.

    Know Why Stars Enjoy Solar Cigarette

    In the past number of many years, electronic cigarettes became very common alternatives to cigarettes. And thanks to that, there are now a lot of smokeless cigarette alternatives. Nonetheless, believes that its ecig exceeds the others in the marketplace.

    ?That's simply because our electronic cigarette delivers much more benefits,? a representative of the organization mentioned.

    Even in the absence of tobacco, the component in cigarettes that causes the habit's wellness risks, the company's ecig, still provide the exact same smoking sensation. And because, it is smokeless, the use of it does not expose other individuals to second-hand smoking.

    Apart from these rewards of electrical cigarettes, the company's personal ecigarette, also known as as Solar Cigarrete also aids eliminate weight. And its further positive aspects don't just end there yet.

    With the latest addition of youth-phoric flavored cartridges to the company's item list, smoking is made a lot healthier with the use of Solar Cigarette. The stated flavored cartridges are infused with vitamins and nutrients that supply many wellness advantages.

    The 'Fountain of Youth Cartridge Sets' that customers can get are the Ginseng Cartridge Pack, Solar Cigarette Vitamin B Pack, Coenzyme Q10 Pack and Fountain of Youth Pack. Every single of the four cartridge packs helps the entire body differently. However, one thing positive is that they all assist counter the illnesses and problems that come with aging.

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      QuitFullStop Asks Smokers to Turn Over New Leaf Using Herbal Remedy Quit Tea

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      London (PRWEB UK) 24 April 2012

      For Quit smoking specialists QuitFullStop, the message to smokers is clear ? there are loads of possibilities to support break a nicotine addiction, and even though the vast majority could perform for most, they are not every person?s cup of tea.

      Cue the latest arrival at the site?s quit smoking treatment web page, Quit Tea, an herbal assist that has likely to alleviate withdrawal nicotine signs and symptoms, suppress appetite, boost lung perform, and detox the body.

      Quit Tea is currently distributed and sold internationally on-line, and in wellness meals shops and pharmacies across the US and Canada, and whilst there are no instant plans to enter into the UK market place, numerous quit smoking leads to working in association with the NHS have requested samples of the item.

      Smokers hunting for a fresh alternative to nicotine replacement therapy or Champix prescription tablets can search for new quit smoking remedy Quit Tea at significant suppliers, and

      Quit Tea is a merchandise of Quit Tea LLC and has been on the market place since Could 2010 it is a privately owned firm based in Los Angeles, California.

      About QuitFullStop

      Quit smoking service QuitFullStop is an online resource aimed at men and women who want to quit and stay smoke-free. Each very first-time quitters and individuals who are making an attempt yet again can check out the major site for resources and suggestions on the best way to attain their objective. In addition, a host of impartial advice tends to make clear the most practical and renowned quit smoking remedies, must a smoker want to weigh up their possibilities before acquiring a treatment method of any type.

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        Quit Tea Natural Stop Smoking Aid Available on

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        Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 06, 2012

        Quit Tea LLC is proud to announce that Quit Tea, the normal cease smoking aid, is now obtainable on, the major on-line suppliers of well being, elegance, vision, and pharmacy merchandise. Smokers all over the place will now be in a position to bought Quit Tea on the internet more affordable, more rapidly, and easier than ever ahead of. offers unique merchandise, at great costs, frequently providing discounts and promotions. Current and long term customers of Quit Tea will benefit from's rapidly 1-5 day shipping for a flat price of $ five.99. And for orders over $ 25, shipping is totally free. As an introductory supply, is selling Quit Tea for $ ten.99, a 15% discount. Smokers outdoors of the US are also capable to acquire Quit Tea via due to the fact of their partnership with MyUS, the leading mail forwarding service, providing two-four day shipping to over 220 countries.

        Quit Tea is listed below the Medicine &amp Health category of ?Stop Smoking Aids? and the sub-class of ?Alternative Therapies.? There are eleven other different cease smoking aids (non nicotine replacement merchandise) accessible on Quit Tea is the only herbal tea, providing smokers a new option to use in mixture with, or rather of, nicotine replacement, pharmaceuticals, or other substitute smoking cessation aids. 1 key distinction in the alternatives class, is that Quit Tea does not have lobelia, A.K.A. ?puke weed,? which numerous options incorporate.

        Given that December 2011, Select Nutrition Distributors, a Division of United All-natural Meals, Inc. (UNFI), has been swiftly increasing the retail presence of Quit Tea in wellbeing meals shops and pharmacies. Quit Tea is now obtainable in a lot more than 70 stores in 21 states. Whilst this is excellent, most customers nonetheless aren't able to get locally. Currently, most revenue are on the web, and that is not anticipated modify till Quit Tea gets into mass market retail chains such as Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid. That is why we are so please to have expanding our on the internet presence.

        All web site visitors from the website is now becoming directed to for acquiring. Quit Tea LLC has stopped getting to fulfill orders every day, and can focus on what they do finest, helping people quit smoking naturally.

        About Quit Tea LLC

        Quit Tea is a all-natural stop smoking help that assists to relieve nicotine withdrawal signs and symptoms, suppress appetite, increase lung function, detox the body, and a lot more. Quit Tea is a product of Quit Tea LLC and has been on the market place considering that Could 2010. It is distributed and sold internationally on-line, and in wellness meals stores and pharmacies across the US and Canada. Quit Tea LLC is a privately owned company primarily based in Los Angeles, California.

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          What vitamins should i take when i quit smoking?

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          7f59c Vitamins 1018064108 b2f1917f4a m What vitamins should i take when i quit smoking?

          Query by jan02: What vitamins ought to i take when i quit smoking? Serotonin and dopamine levels, weight obtain, what are the best and cheapest vitamins that will operate. I am currently drinking a lot of water and dieting.

          Very best answer:

          Answer by mrjo_ct
          Just take a Multi-vitamin and get lots of exercise. Consumer reports will inform you what the best vitamins are.

          Know better? Leave your personal answer in the comments!

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            No-More-Cravings Quit Smoking Program. Quitting Need Not Be Traumatic.

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            63fa2 Supplements 2946156897 aaf40f1304 m No More Cravings Quit Smoking Program. Quitting Need Not Be Traumatic.

            No-Much more-Cravings Quit Smoking Program. Quitting Want Not Be Traumatic.

            No-Far more-Cravings Quit Smoking Plan. Quitting Need to have Not Be Traumatic. Strong eBook unlike All others. Quit smoking expert 30 y reveals 7 secret affordable supplements to ease cravings. A survey verifies which of 13 triggers trigger smoking. Remain Quit Management Program. Generous 50% payout. Promote Very best Quit eBook current.

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            Q&A: What vitamins should i take when i quit smoking?

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            Question by jan02: What vitamins need to i take when i quit smoking? Serotonin and dopamine levels, weight obtain, what are the best and least expensive vitamins that will work. I am currently drinking lots of water and dieting.

            Best answer:

            Answer by mrjo_ct
            Just take a Multi-vitamin and get lots of physical exercise. Client reports will tell you what the finest vitamins are.

              Give your answer to this question beneath!

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