My Top 3 Detox Waters for Weight Loss, Calming, And On The Go!

May 6, 2015 by  
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default My Top 3 Detox Waters for Weight Loss, Calming, And On The Go!

Hi babes! Today I share with you my top 3 Detox Waters. I enjoy this so very much. Detox Drinks are great for your body, soul, and mind. Not only do they taste delicious and look totes adorbs,...


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      16 Responses to “My Top 3 Detox Waters for Weight Loss, Calming, And On The Go!”
      1. karenjacquelinekaren says:

        OK, sounds like you just want colorful water..... and could care less about
        nutrition. It's hard to take you serious. Thumbs down!?

      2. abby collins says:

        What is your job outside of YouTube? I always hear you talking about doing
        makeup all day, but have never heard you mention what it is exactly :) ?

      3. Vanessa Gonzalez says:

        Your face is looking thin girrlll!!!! I would love to see a video of what u
        r doing to loose weight. Maybe a workout routine ect. Xoxo?

      4. Lisa J says:

        ahhh I want one so bad! that water looks so pretty!?

      5. Elena C says:

        First comment! You are so pretty! Thanks for another video!!?

      6. Lisa J says:

        just purchased the winter box. this seems like the perfect box, so
        excited!!! thank you for the video and code for the water infuser Shae! x :) ?

      7. Brianna Elizabeth says:

        I bet the Peppermint one is amazing! I love peppermint?

      8. Jo Bramble says:

        First video i've watched and I love you already! <3?

      9. Courtney Doyle says:

        Lemon and ginger is good too. It really flushes everything out! ?

      10. juliana varela says:

        This was a great video I've been looking into the Bootea and order but this
        is so much affordable of course! And you look great your skin etc :) ?

      11. Sarah Dagostino says:

        Loved this Shae thank you !!!!! ?????????

      12. Fabiola Batres says:

        So you don't eat the fruits and baggies?? So how is that beneficial if is
        just in the water?? Don't get it?

      13. maria theresa Cardona says:

        Girl you look glowing. I think I gotta try that detox. Thanks for this

      14. michelle barrett says:

        I've been really wanting to try these detox water but I have a question. Do
        you need a specific kind of water bottle and do you need the infuser to
        make the detox water because, I do not have one but I would love to try the
        detox waters. Is looks very colourful which is appealing to me and very
        yummy so I would love to try but do I need A specific water bottle? ?

      15. ThePinkBunny87 says:

        Love the video more more please.?

      16. Leslie M says:

        Ice cold Mint leaves with lemon. My fave!?

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