Testicular Cancer and “Muscle Building Supplements! (MBS)”

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default Testicular Cancer and Muscle Building Supplements! (MBS)

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    12 Responses to “Testicular Cancer and “Muscle Building Supplements! (MBS)””
    1. bios3training says:
    2. Southern Crux says:

      3 raw almonds a day prevents cancer. ?

    3. Protein says:

      Also, at Walmart, you have to be 18 to purchase creatine and protein... Are
      you kidding me...?

    4. john harris says:

      The way I look at it is do what the fuck you want and if some random shit
      like this happens, well then, you got fucked. Worrying yourself with all
      this bs is pointless, if it's gonna happen it's gonna happen regardless.

      *Unless it's skin cancer and your roasting all day or your chillin at a
      nuclear plant. ?

    5. cole m says:

      I feel like there's so much shit that can possibly "lead" to cancer it's
      not even worth being paranoid about it just get checked occasionally!??

    6. Anthony Bachour says:

      It's because cancer detection rates have improved. Also the phone thing is
      completely bullshit.?

    7. James Ross says:

      Fuck. I've been taking 10g creatine hcl for like 2 years. If creatine gives
      you cancer boys I'll see you all in hell.?

    8. raivons says:

      Cancer is no mysterious magical illness ...Its all about toxins,its why
      cells mutate over time due to toxic load on body ,when you eat too much
      processed foods and extreme amounts of carbs + mby smoke and drink alco
      ,the toxins will accumulate and it can end up as cancer.. and yes it easy
      in nowadays to get cancer ..look at the "food" in our stores.?

    9. liftfforglory says:

      Yeah, our leaders have been doing this to the world for as long as
      possible. They start by mass producing w/ agriculture and using cheap or
      quick ways to grow fruits and vegetables. The produce hasn't been treated
      with enough care and most of the micronutrients diminish. We then become
      deficient and develop other health problems. Meat companies are fucking
      sick. These animals are tortured and abused on a daily. The hormones pumped
      within them, specifically estrogen will cause water retention, breast
      cancer, etc. meat eaters also have a higher igf level than plant eaters.
      Pharma companies profit rises and the consumer thinks their food is safe,
      continues to eat while taking meds. The kick is, we have no more
      availability to supplements, even vitamins or minerals. We are unable to
      self medicate now. Honestly believe they have been watching people
      manipulate these "incurable" diseases and actually manage them w/ certain
      supplement protocols. Humanity is going in the shitter.?

    10. Preston McCarson says:

      *Spoiler Alert- Everyone is going to die. You reading this, me, everyone.
      Do you know what the leading cause of cancer is? (Besides genetic
      Chronic stress, worry, & high cortisol levels over an extended period of
      time. Stop fucking worrying about every damn thing that can give you
      cancer. ?

    11. Screamin Mime says:

      This is what Critical Thinking looks like while you read the news, people,
      ADOPT IT!?

    12. gerryboy3699 says:

      a lot of people think that the increase in cancer could be to do with the
      increase in vaccinations, population management ??

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